+*+ Don't be Afraid to Come Out slightly BiZaRRe +*+

With her, I did a lot yesterday and today ^^.

At first, I met a gorgeous Assassin yesterday. Did I tell you, that I absolutely love Assassins? Just like Rogues XD.

He was so nice ^^. And he offered to lvl my Thief O.o;... *has to see him again* XD.

And today, I met a Rogue ^__^. And I was able to convince him to join my new guild ^__^. By the way, he's the same one, who lvled my Thief with the Bigfoots ^^. *cuddles*

And then something absolutely fantastic happened *o*~~!!
While I was sitting in front of Prontera and just being bored and crying, cause I just couldn't get a Kitty Band...

(funny, eh? XD... my new look, the Pupa-suit XD)

...I met the leader of my guild *winks* *cuddlekiss* ...
Aaaaand he was so kind to give me his Kitty Band *o*~~ !!! Well, I had to give him my Hiding Belt, Munak Hat and one Fabre card in return, but it's absolutely worth it, if you ask me ^___^!!

Am I not sweet? X)
Now, I'm finally able to make my Bunny Band, yeah X3!! Well, in fact, Sharki is going to make it for me, cause he has the last missing thingie for mixing it ^^. *so happy* ^__^

And look at the beautiful Rogue *o*. That's how my Thief will look like ^__^!
12.6.05 02:57

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