+*+ Don't be Afraid to Come Out slightly BiZaRRe +*+

Basically... just lvling again XD.
I lvled Fussels new Merchant, because we wanted to have a shop to sell our stuff we don't need ^^.

Well... uhm... poring heaven, as you can see XD. It's always fun there ^^.

And then, after he left, I finally, fiiiinaaallyyyyy got my Bunny Band, yeah!! I sold three Fabre Cards to get the money XD.

And I met a cute Bunny-Rogue afterwards XD

And today, me and my Leaderlein were searching and lvling new members for our guild ^^. Just like... Poring Heaven as always XD.

He almost got killed because there were too many popos XD.
13.6.05 18:09

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Mika (4.7.05 08:56)
hey, why don't you blog anymore? I wish you goog luck for wednesday evening and yi dunno why, but I'm excited and enthusiastic ^^°as you are, probably not as much as you, that would be hard to top, but a little bit...
cuddle your Mika (axty)

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